IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF THE 1812 WAR Discovery of General Gudin
  • A major scientific study on the war of 1812, as well as the burial of soldiers who took part in this war and the creation of a memorial in their honor.
  • The organization of an expedition in April 2019, dedicated to the 250th anniversary of Napoleon's birth.
  • Strengthening friendly ties and cooperation to preserve the common history of Russia and France.
  • The organization of an exhibition of archaeological sites in Moscow based on the results of the expedition.
  • To organize the work of a professional Russian-French team, in which there will be representatives of official structures, under the leadership of Pierre Malinowski and the ministries of culture of both countries. Representatives of the archaeological community under the French Ministry of Culture will also take part in the project.
On May 2019 took place the first huge project with the participation of the French and Russian experts about the French invasion of Russia in 1812. More than 50 persons have taken part in this project : archeologists, anthropologists and topographers from the INRAP (The National Institute of Archeological Research), the Russian Academy of Sciences and 15 students from both countries.
The first part of the project took place near Smolensk where, in August 1812 during the battle of Valutino, died more than 12000 soldiers. One of them was the famous General Gudin.
This is one of the greatest archeological discoveries in French history! The remains of a French General had never been discovered before.

After the participation in all of the Napoleon's military campaigns, General Gudin died in August 1812 in Smolensk three days after the battle of Valoutino where he was injured and lost a leg during the fury of the fight.

The Emperor was crying because of such horrible news and decided to bury Gudin in the fortress of Smolensk.
In July 2019, Pierre Malinowski and the Russian experts have found and exhumed the remains of Gudin. DNA analysis were realized by request of the Elysee Palace and the family of the General and confirmed the identity of the General with 100% certainty.

After this incredible discovery a pressconference took place in Moscow in the presence of Pierre Malinowski, the descendant of general Gudin Alberic d'Orléans, the director of the Russian Archeological Institute Nikolay Makarov, the president of the association «Souvenir Napoleonien» Christian Bourdeille and the president of the RVIO Alexander Barkov. General Gudin's remains were presented to the press.

The Presidents Macron and Putin are going to have an official meeting for the first time in the Invalides. This event will take place at the beginning of 2020, on the occasion of a national funeral for General Gudin. It will be a great Historic day!

Genetic analyzes were carried out in France, in a specialized laboratory in Marseille, and DNA comparisons were carried out on the remains of General Gudin's relatives.
In august 2019 during one month a project dedicated to the Russian military campaign of 1812 was carried out in Vyazma where in November of 1812 the terrible retreat of the Great Army took place. The 3rd of November of 1812 during the attack of the Russian Army a part of Napoleon's Army has been destroyed.

A crew consisted of French and Russian experts and students has exhumed more than 60 remains of the soldiers of the Great Army who died on this tragic day.
Our goal is to keep the memory of these heroes who died for freedom and also prevent these horrible events to repeat!
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