Preserving and immortalizing the memory of the Russian and French heroes, who died on the territory of the Russian Federation or the French Republic during the tragic wars of the last centuries.
Learning the unknown aspects of our common past to reconstruct the historical memory and justice as a guarantee of cooperation in resolving various conflicts and in realizing peace-making missions.
Strengthening Russia-France relationships, creating common historical and cultural projects within the «public diplomacy» via cooperation of Russian and French experts.
Involving the citizens of Russia and France, especially young generation, in the patriotic, cultural and educational projects to learn the experience of cooperation between both countries to preserve the memory of tragedies of the last centuries.
Opening new monuments as a result of each successfully realized project (the first monument was raised in the may of 2018).
Our goal is to keep the memory of these heroes who died for freedom and also prevent these horrible events to repeat!
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